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Learn how to get life insurance coverage without a trip to the doctor’s office.

Key points

  • Insurance agencies use medical exams to assess the health status of the applicant.
  • Some insurers offer life insurance coverage without requiring a medical examination.
  • A medical exam life insurance is no more expensive than traditional insurance coverage because of the risk taken by the insurance providers.

Buying life insurance can be confusing with so many providers and types of coverage to choose from. Choosing can be more difficult if you have pre-existing medical conditions or other issues that prevent you from being approved for traditional life insurance coverage.

One option to consider is a medical exam life insurance. With this insurance coverage, there is no need to visit a doctor’s office or lab for a test or blood draw. Sometimes, you may need to answer questions about your health, but in general, this is a minimally invasive process.

Medical exam life insurance usually doesn’t cost more than traditional coverage, but it’s a godsend for individuals who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for coverage. Continue reading to learn how to find the best medical exam life insurance for your needs.

What is medical exam without life insurance?

Some insurance providers allow you to qualify for life insurance without a medical exam. Generally, many insurers require a medical examination to assess a person’s health and determine the rate class and insurance premiums. Medical exams may include blood tests, urine samples, and other tests to evaluate your health.

Without medical exam insurance, you can qualify for life insurance coverage without having to disclose the details of your health, albeit at a higher cost than traditional life insurance. Without a medical exam, insurers assume more risk and charge consumers accordingly to that risk.

There are generally two types of no medical exam life insurance available:

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  1. Simple Issue Life Insurance: Insurance providers ask you to answer health questions and provide medical records in lieu of an exam.
  2. Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance: Insurance companies that offer this type of coverage are not required to provide any health information just to meet age restrictions and other underwriting requirements.

Why do some insurance providers require a medical exam?

Insurance companies assume risk whenever they provide coverage to a customer. To reduce financial risk, insurance companies require you to undergo a medical examination by an authorized medical provider. You must meet the insurance company’s underwriting guidelines to qualify for coverage. A medical exam often determines the level of coverage you receive.

Medical exam requirements vary among insurers, but often include a comprehensive medical exam, a deep dive into your medical history, and urine and blood samples. Some companies may ask you to take an X-ray or EKG, especially if your medical history reveals that you may be at increased risk for certain medical conditions. Insurers have no way of predicting the likelihood of an insurance claim, but a medical exam can help them determine the statistical risk of insuring a person based on their health.

Who Should Consider Life Insurance Without Medical Examination?

If you are denied coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition, Medical Exam Life Insurance may not allow you to obtain adequate coverage. It is an excellent option for individuals who work in high-risk occupations such as firefighting or construction, or participate in high-risk activities such as rock climbing or skydiving.

A medical exam life insurance is more expensive than other types of life insurance and offers fewer coverage options. Traditional coverage is often the best option if you are in good health and qualify for lower premiums.

Tips for Finding the Best Medical Exam Life Insurance

Finding the right insurance provider can save you money and provide you with an easy partner to work with in the long run. Consider the following tips when searching for the best no medical exam life insurance:

  • Determine your insurance needs: No-exam life insurance policies are often limited compared to traditional policies. Calculate how much coverage you and your family need to determine whether life insurance coverage is right for you without a medical exam.
  • Note the requirements: Even if you don’t require a medical exam, insurance providers may ask you to share details about your health and medical history. If there are any concerns, they may ask you for more information, and some insurers may require you to be in good health to be approved for a policy.
  • Consider other benefits: Some no-exam life insurance policies are more restrictive than others. Look for additional benefits outside of saving money, such as converting to permanent coverage, multiple term lengths, higher customer support ratings and more.
  • Be honest: Regardless of what type of health information is required, provide accurate personal and health information during the application process. Insurance companies review application information and may deny coverage if they find you provided false information. If you’ve been approved for coverage and the provider thinks you lied on your application, insurance claims can be denied after you pass.

Determine your needs and choose a policy that provides adequate coverage to your family after your death. Shop around to find insurance companies that offer policies that fit your needs.

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