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After eight years and many fun, fast iterations, a new pony is jumping into Ford’s 2024 lineup. This is important news because Ford Mustang is the last car they will produce across their portfolio of brands, including Lincoln. And they keep it for a reason. The Mustang nameplate is legendary, with a history stretching back more than half a century. It has a dedicated fan base that cares immensely about what each new version of the car brings.

Luckily for them, especially at a time when crossovers are king, the 2024 Mustang has plenty to love. From looks to tech, performance and interesting new quirks, the new Mustang lives up to the name that has earned it such a loyal following. Therefore, we are confident that this following will remain.

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The next generation Ford Mustang has crazy styling and updated technology

2024 The dark horse of the blue Ford Mustang coming out of the tunnel

What makes us love the new Mustang’s styling is the fact that Ford didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Forbes described it best: “Evolutionary, not revolutionary.” Wrapped in its new sheet metal, the car is still very obviously a Mustang. The familiar trapezoidal front grille is now larger, with straight lines that give it a cleaner, more upright look.

The characteristic three-bar consecutive taillights also remain at the rear of the car. This time, however, the rear fascia has been given a new character, with the rear end cut inwards. Critics say it takes inspiration from the new Hyundai Elantra. Let’s just say it’s Ford’s interpretation of the latest automotive trends. Either way, we love the car’s impressive new look, which still manages to retain the features that make it unmistakably a Mustang.

Inside view of the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang
Via: Ford

Inside, the Mustang seems to be catching up to the competition. While it previously had features like a digital instrument cluster and Ford’s SYNC infotainment system, these features have only now been upgraded to make it the most advanced car in the muscle car class. The base model gives you two large screens: one in front of the driver, which acts as an instrument cluster, and the other above the center stack, which houses the infotainment system. Higher-end trims, on the other hand, get a single wide continuous bezel that houses both the gauges and the upgraded 13.2-inch center screen.

Another thing that excites us about the interior technology is the fact that the center screen uses Unreal Engine 5 graphics. While that’s not unheard of—it was Rivian that first introduced the game engine to the infotainment industry—it’s a welcome sight coming from a consumer-oriented brand like Ford.

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The V8 isn’t dead with the next-generation Ford Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang engine compartment view
Via: Ford

As more automakers, including Ford, commit to electrification, muscle lovers have been biting their nails. They can now breathe a collective sigh of relief as Ford decided to keep the much-loved 5.0 V8 along for the ride.

Now with new, innovative technology in the cabin, drivers can continue to enjoy the rumble and rumble of the tailpipes. It’s a killer combination that draws the best from both the past and the future.

We love the drift brake on the next-generation Ford Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang Electronic Handbrake
Via: Ford

In addition to the futuristic infotainment system, the new Mustang also has other neat features that would be hard to find in other cars, even in this segment.

Foreword, another automotive trend that concerned all enthusiasts, not just muscle car fans, was the near-exponential rise of the electronic parking brake. While it’s no better or worse than manual parking brakes, their automatic application and release makes it nearly impossible to do fun things that require the handbrake, like drifting or doing donuts. Unfortunately, Ford decided to jump on that trend with the new Mustang. All is not lost though.

As a compromise, Ford introduced something known as a drift brake on the GT models, developed with drifting legend Vaughn Gittin Jr. Outwardly, it looks like a traditional handbrake. Under the surface, however, there are no mechanical connections between the handbrake lever and the emergency brake itself. Just like the lower level, the mechanism is electronic. In this case, it works by multiplying the controllability of a traditional handbrake. It’s also more efficient than a traditional handbrake, applying “four or five times more pressure than a conventional mechanical handbrake.” It seems that the benefits of technology really can’t be beat.

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The next-generation Ford Mustang shows that Ford really cares

Above all, it’s clear that this new Mustang is a testament to how much Ford cares about the customers they serve. Think of it as a redemption arc that follows Ford’s decision to remove all cars from the company’s entire portfolio except the Mustang. Of course, it was sad to see beloved models like the Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta end production in the United States.

But in addition to choosing to keep the Mustang at the forefront, Ford paid special attention to the demands of consumers, especially enthusiasts, when developing the new Mustang. They made additional investments in Mustang-specific technology and defied industry trends by keeping the V8 powerplant on the option list. All this makes it a special version of the already multi-story nameplate.

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