HGTV star Leanne Ford’s creative holiday decorations you’ll love | Rare Techy


Wreaths and wreaths are a traditional holiday decoration option. Greenery adds color, especially in the neutral interiors that Leanne Ford is known for. Leafy interior design also offers plenty of texture and a touch of nature to your home. While there’s plenty to buy in stores, Ford likes to create her own wreaths or garlands for custom holiday pieces, as seen in her trip home with Goop.

You can create wreaths and garlands using items found in the craft store. Use a wire frame to build the foliage for the wreath. According to Gathered, they can be used year after year, so you can create a new design each holiday season. Similarly, you can use heavy-duty floral wire to create garlands. Pine cones, various leaves and seed heads are some materials that add a lot of texture. You can use live leaves or plastic leaves to create wreaths and garlands. Add finishing touches like ribbon or embellishments for a festive touch.


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