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Many new products to make homes more efficient, such as solar battery storage, solar reverse wind, and solar solutions for pool heating, have hit the market.

For the first time in the southern hemisphere, an Australian resident has installed a new device called Heartbeat, a battery storage device that maximizes the use of solar energy and more. smart home devices.
An Australian resident has introduced a new device called Heartbeat (nine)

Phillip Sheh installed the device to “test” his house.

It can eliminate the need to draw electricity from the grid

“Hopefully, I’ll never have a bill because of where we have solar panels and things like that,” Sheh said.

Another modern day product is the revolutionary reverse wind with its own dedicated panels. (nine)

The heart rate can also independently decide to charge an electric car or turn on the wind turbines when the sun’s energy is high.

By coordinating all building systems, it is believed that owners can save 10 to 15 percent.

Another new product of the day is the reverse cycle thermostat with its own dedicated panels, which automatically turn on in the morning and at night.

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It can run all day, without charge, which means it will keep the home warm for a long time.

There is also a way to disconnect your pool heater from the grid, which can save you up to $6000 a year in energy costs.


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