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In 2008, business tycoon Ratan Tata led Tata Motors’ deal to acquire luxury cars Jaguar and Land Rover from American giant Fiord. It was one of the biggest deals for an Indian automaker.

But back then when Tata Motors flagship Tata Indica failed to take off due to low sales and they decided to sell their car business to Ford. Ratan Tata and his team flew to the US to meet Bill Ford, who was Ford’s chairman at the time. Tata was humiliated by Ford in this meeting.

“You have no idea why you started a passenger car division in the first place. We’re going to give you a big fair by buying your car division,” said Bill Ford.

After this meeting, Ratan Tata decided not to sell the car business to Tata Motors and turned things around in the company’s favor.

Businessman Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, shared a video of the story on his social media account on Monday.

“Ratan Tata’s response when Ford humiliated him 👏👏👏,” he tweeted while sharing the video.

The video has garnered over 2,200 likes and 516 retweets.

In 2008, when Ford was struggling to turn a profit on its sales, Ratan Tata offered to buy the Jaguar and Land Rover line-up from Ford, which was its worst-selling car at the time.

Bill Ford came to India with his team to seal the deal. At the meeting, Bill Ford told Ratan Tata, “Thank you, you are doing us a great favor by buying JLR.”

In June 2008, he completed the deal to acquire Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in a $2.3 billion cash deal.

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