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Hulu’s annual Black Friday sale comes with an extra treat this year. In addition to offering its ad-supported plan for just $2 a month for a whole year, you can install Disney Plus for just $3 a month more. Both payments are temporary.

Separately, each service costs $7.99 per month. We’ve crunched the numbers, and doing so will save you about $132 over the course of a year. Considering Hulu raised the price of its ad-supported plan by $1 last month, this Black Friday deal is your chance to lock in an entire year at an amazing price.

Hulu’s extensive entertainment library includes popular originals, movies and TV shows. Disney + is a new service that offers free streaming of your favorite Disney movies in one place, from the Toy Story franchise to the new She-Hulk series. Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial and usually offers a one-month subscription, which makes the Black Friday sale even sweeter.

How to get the Hulu Disney Plus Black Friday 2022 Deal

You must be a new or returning subscriber to get the Hulu Disney+ Black Friday discount. If you qualify, sign up on Hulu’s website before 11:59 PST on November 28.

Unless you cancel, your subscriptions will automatically renew at the bundled price after the end of 12 months. After that, the price of the bundle is $11 per month, but the price increases without warning. You don’t have to spend a whole year to take advantage of the job, you can cancel it at any time.


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