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Those with school-age children know that November is full of exam stress and deadline pressure. Creating a quiet, distraction-free space in the home will not only help them through this stressful season, but it will also add value to the home.

“Homes with study spaces are in high demand following the pandemic. Whether it’s for those who work remotely or use the space as a dedicated homework center and study space for their children, having a spare room is a great addition to any home,” says RE/MAX’s Regional Director and CEO. South Africa, Adrian Goslett.

To help homeowners prepare their homes for exam season, RE/MAX shares the following tips:

• Dedicate a room for study

Research shows that one’s bedroom should be a place to sleep, if nothing else, to promote good sleep habits. Lack of sleep leads to poor concentration and ability to retain information, so providing your own study space at home can improve your child’s learning ability. If the budget allows, if you’re in the market to buy, add a room or renovate an existing space to create a dedicated study in the home, or look for homes with a separate designated study area.

• Correct lighting and ventilation

Air quality, ventilation and lighting in the space all contribute to a good learning environment. Dimly lit rooms can strain the eyes while reading, causing the child to tire quickly. The brain uses three times as much oxygen as the body’s muscles do, which is why poorly ventilated rooms reduce a child’s ability to learn. Trim any large trees or bushes that block natural light or ventilation to the study. Replace small windows that can no longer be opened or damaged windows. Upgrade lighting fixtures to ensure there is adequate lighting in the room.

• Minimize distractions

Think about how many distractions there might be in the room in question, and do your best to control them. If the room is very close to the noisiest rooms in the house, it may be worth soundproofing the room or upgrading the room’s insulation with rugs and other sound-dampening decorations.

As a final piece of advice, Goslett suggests homeowners talk to a local RE/MAX office if they’re looking to find a home with their own study or upgrade their home to add a study.

“As experts in their local markets, real estate professionals are equipped to provide expert advice on which renovations add the most value and what buyers are willing to pay for a home with these features. They can also provide guidance on what other homes with these features are selling for in the area,” Goslett concludes.


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