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In Hungary, the language test requirement for the diploma has recently become a central issue. Parliament will decide in the first week of December on an amendment to the Higher Education Act that will remove this requirement. This would allow universities to decide on entry and exit requirements, and may prioritize other measures of language proficiency, such as internal and institutional examinations.

In Hungary, since the mid-1990s, at least an intermediate-level language exam has been mandatory for university degrees. Although the idea is good, it is important that qualified professionals have a high level of knowledge of foreign languages, and in some cases holding a language test certificate does not cover the actual knowledge of the student.

In the 2000s, there was a significant increase in the number of students in Hungary who could not complete the final stage because they did not pass the language test. However, during Covid-19, the government decided to announce a relaxation and give everyone their diploma, so tens of thousands of people got their diploma years later.

As a result of the possible change in the law, smaller institutions are expected to take advantage of this exemption to attract more students. However, prestigious top universities are unlikely to train professionals who do not speak foreign languages.

However, it is important to add that the number of language exams has been steadily decreasing in recent years, and representatives of language schools have repeatedly stated that they are opposed to the amnesty not only for business reasons, but also because it will prevent it. Language skills are widespread among Hungarians.

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