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Ranchi, Nov 15: Earlier, students aspiring to pursue a career as a doctor or engineer used to prepare for medical and engineering exams after completing their class 12 exams. There was a phase when students started joining career coaching to prepare for medical and engineering, right when they joined intermediate studies in class 11th.

However, due to the increasing competition, many students have started preparing for these exams even before appearing for their class 10th exams. In this article, we will check the important olympiads and exams that will help the students of 8th to 10th class to crack medical and engineering exams.

National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)

Only Class 10 students are eligible for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) which is divided into Stage I and Stage II. All the Indian states and Union Territories jointly conduct the state level first phase examination. On the other hand, students who pass the first phase of NTSE are given the chance to go for the second phase.

All the Indian states and Union Territories jointly conduct the state level first phase examination. On the other hand, students who pass the first phase of NTSE are given the chance to go for the second phase. Only those who clear the NTSE Stage 1 exam are eligible to appear for the Stage II exam, as mentioned earlier. This is the primary criterion.

The aim of NTSE is to provide scholarships to deserving applicants who wish to pursue higher education in social sciences or sciences. Thanks to these scholarships, students can continue their studies in their field of choice. The NTSE scholarship is awarded based on the overall achievement of the student in both parts of the examination.

IOQJS (Indian Olympiad Qualification in Junior Science)

IOQJS or Indian Olympiad Qualification in Junior Science is the initial round of International Science Olympiad. It is a three-hour exam with two papers usually held in January. IOQJS administers IAPT and HBCSE as a combination of two competitive examinations, Indian National Olympiad (INO) and National Standard Examination (NSE) (NSE).

The primary objective of Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science (IOQJS) examination is to encourage students to evaluate their science skills by competing in an international competition. Here we go into more details about IOQJS 2021–2022.


  • Candidates should be born between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007.
  • Academic Requirements: Applicants must have studied in India on or before November 30, 2018. They should not have completed 10th Boards or any other similar examination before 30th November 2020. Candidates enrolled in any Indian school system on or before November 2018 are also eligible for IOQJS.
  • Candidates who wish to participate in the Indian Olympiad Junior Science Qualifier must have resided in India on or before November 2018.
  • They should get an Indian passport. According to a recent notification by the Madras High Court, students who are foreign nationals of India will not be eligible to be selected for the team representing India in international Olympiads.
  • Candidates who wish to appear in IOQJS should not take IOQA, IOQP, IOQC, or IOQB in the same year.

Aryabhata National Mathematics Competition

All-India Council for Technical Skill Development has announced “Aryabhata National Math Competition 2022”.

AICTSD aims to support and nurture student leaders across the country and one of its initiatives is the Aryabhata National Mathematics Competition.

Mathematics-dependent technology is a prerequisite for everything. All inventions, whether in technology or medicine, are built on mathematics. Nothing is possible without mathematical analysis.

AGC Nest

National Entrance Scholarship Test (NEST) is conducted by Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC NEST) (AGC). The organization provides an opportunity to the aspirants of engineering, management, pharmacy and law professions to join the most coveted college in North India through AGC NEST.

Three colleges A.G.C. These include Amritsar College of Pharmacy (APC), Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET) and the recently established Amritsar Law College. Students can register for this entrance exam and scholarship by filling a short online registration form. To register for AGC NEST 2022, the registration fee has to be paid online.


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