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CBSE 10th Board Exams 2023: Board exams are always stressful for students as this grand finale of basic academic career paves the way for their future prospects significantly. However, if prepared with proper guidance and a good strategic study routine, scoring high marks becomes easy. For this, understanding the syllabus becomes a key.

When it comes to CBSE Mathematics Papers for Class 10 Board Exams, here are some topics, chapters, marking schemes and tips that will help students come out with flying colours.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics: Important Topics:

1. Algebraic conditions for the number of solutions
2. Graphical method of pair solution of linear equations
3. Quadratic Formula (Quadratic Equations)
4. nth term of an arithmetic progression (AP) / sum of n terms of AP
5. Distance Formula/ Section Formula (Coordinate Geometry)
6. Trigonometric Proportions/ Trigonometric Table/ Height and Distance (Trigonometry)
7. Area of ​​Sector/ Area of ​​Segment (areas corresponding to circles)
8. Composition of Solids (Surface Area and Volume)
9. Statistics and Probability
10. Basic Proportional Theorem and its Applications (Triangles)

Chapter Wise Weightage: Total Marks- 80

1. Unit I
A. Number System – 6 Marks

2. Unit II- Algebra: 20 Marks
A. polynomials
B. A pair of linear equations in two variables
C. Quadratic Equations
D. Mathematical progressions

3. Unit III- Coordinate Geometry- 6 Marks

4. Unit IV- Geometry – 15 Marks
A. triangles
B. Circles

5. Unit V: Trigonometry- 12 Marks

6. Unit VI: Menstruation- 10 Marks
A. Areas corresponding to circles
B. Surface area and volume

7. Unit VII: Statistics & Probability- 11 Marks

CBSE Class 10 Basic Maths

For basic maths, formulas need to be learned and understood by heart to score well. Also, practicing NCERT questions will lead you on the path to success. Primarily, students should have basic knowledge of arithmetic operations and study and write theorems of geometry chapters.

CBSE 10th Maths

Standard Mathematics requires emphasis on the application of formulas and the need to constantly practice additional questions from reference books. Students should focus on competency based questions and higher order thinking skills questions. Students should practice memorizing squares and cubes of natural numbers up to 30 and learn easy and quick calculations. Also, it would be beneficial to practice the tricks of Vedic math.

CBSE 10th Mathematics: Preparation Tips

Basic math operations like BODMAS (Bracket, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction) should always be clear. Students should always have a clear idea of ​​mathematical fundamentals. Students appearing for the 10th class board exams should be thorough with tables up to 20. Regular practice of writing down all mathematical formulas is always advisable. Students must assess the subjects through a series of test papers.

– Written by Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School

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