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Although Harrison Ford’s Dr. Henry Jones Jr. will be reuniting with John Rhys-Davies’ Sallah, next summer will be the biggest part Indiana Jones 5 the cast consists of new faces. This includes Antonio Banderas, an actor no stranger to adventure moves thanks to his outings as Zorro, voicing Puss in Boots and starring. Uncharted. Now we finally have some details straight from Banderas himself about how he fits in Indiana Jones 5which will be Ford’s last time portraying the fedora-wearing title character.

We learned that Antonio Banderas will appear Indiana Jones 5 In July 2021 and last June, the actor shared how he reacted to meeting Harrison Ford for the first time on the set of 2023. Wrapping up her recent interview with Collider for her next film, Puss in Boots: Last Wishwhile Banderas did not share his name Indiana Jones 5 character, he revealed that person’s relationship with Indy and roughly how much screen time he will get, saying:

My character is very small; it’s almost a cameo[…] He is just a friend of Indiana’s character and is looking for him because he needs something from his friend. But he takes very little time from the film, but he is obviously very happy to be a part of a saga that is in the history of films.


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