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If there is something in your house or home that looks old or in bad shape, there may be a start for it. July sky(opens in new tab) It’s the solution to those nasty, old air conditioners – and it does everything you need it to do.

July is an air conditioner that does everything an air conditioner does — cool your home — and looks great and is easy to install, customizable to your aesthetic, and better for the environment. It’s the closest thing to having any kind of heating system in your home to get through the New York summers, so I’ll give it a shot in July. Of course.


I bought this air conditioner for the ease of installation. You can pay to have people install it in July, but it’s very easy to do it yourself. Many other traditional AC units tempt you with an unheard-of passion in times of peace, forcing you to open the window, slide in the AC, and crash down; it’s bad, it’s good. And the small sleeves on traditional ACs are designed to help keep the unit in and keep the outside air in, but they don’t cover all the space. But July’s AC doesn’t have those handles – instead, it has an expandable frame in your window. All you have to do is slide the frame in without the unit, close the top of the window, and fit the sides. Then, just push the unit into the frame and hear a nice click.


You can just prepare for each element(opens in new tab) of this machine. Side panels come standard with this paper quality, but you can get them in plain white, solid black, or plexiglass. The front cover can be fabric, wood, or one of five matte colors (I have sky blue).

control panel on top of July's windshield

The control panel is the biggest design flaw.
Credit: Christianna Silva / Mashable

It’s pretty, but there’s an important reason for design: usability. The mode and temperature are on the top of the unit, so you can see it by sitting right next to it and looking down. You also won’t be able to see any of the unit’s settings on the remote. So, if you want to know what the temperature of your unit is, you have to sit next to it. There’s an app that solves that problem, but I’m still not in love.

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It’s his job

This unit works like any other AC unit, once you plug it in. It comes with a controller, so you can change the temperature from anywhere (your bed), and it comes with an app, so you can change the temperature. and settings before you go home. It can also be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These aren’t revolutionary devices – many air conditioners are WiFi-enabled. The unit is also louder than I would have liked, and is not very quiet on any of the settings. But it’s a bit quieter than my previous Frigidaire unit.

My biggest problem with the unit is one of its biggest selling points: the app. The app it only connects to a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, my house uses a 5GHz connection. You can change the GHz on most wifi routers, but you may run into problems: While a 2.4GHz WiFi connection can deliver internet to a larger area, a 5GHz connection will provide faster speeds. your speed My house is full of three people who rely on fast internet connections to do their jobs, so I didn’t risk changing our connection to be able to use the app for a long time. When I was having a lot of trouble setting up the app, I contacted July’s customer service; They responded within 24 hours with some helpful advice, such as restarting the unit. But there is nothing they can do to help the app is only compatible with a 2.4GHz WiFi connection – useless for me.

That said, if you use a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, if your internet setup has 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection options, the app will let you see the unit’s settings on your phone, manage unit from your phone, and adjust the setting with Alexa or the Google Assistant.

How stable is it?

Window air conditioners are bad for the environment. July said They have taken steps to reduce emissions from their units, considering that air conditioning in the US emits about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. The company, for its part, has partnered with to “enhance the first year’s emissions every July. [they] Buy.” It says the medium unit — the one I used — uses a “state-of-the-art refrigerant” that is “2/3 less energy efficient than most AC found in the market.”

Is it worth the price?

The version I used(opens in new tab) — a medium, blue unit — starts at $520. Most Frigidaire units and the 8,000-BTU version are around $250. However, if you want an AC unit with remote access and WiFi, you’ll need to pay at least $300. So you’re paying $220 for: easy installation, no air leaks from the sides, and its design. These extra features don’t make this machine any better, but it’s one of my favorite features. And if July AC falls in your budget, I’d say it’s fine.


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