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When it comes to preparing for entrance exams, it is never an easy task. You need to manage studying for your regular exams and multiple exams simultaneously to ensure that you get good marks. It requires good planning, some good books and proper execution to make all exams easy. If you are preparing for the JEE Main 2023 exam, you don’t have to wait long to take your preparations to the next level and start your revision sessions. You need some good JEE Main books with previous year papers, mock test papers, sample questions and more. All these books together will help you to prepare selectively and efficiently for your exams focusing on understanding the exam pattern, evaluating exam trends and more.

We have listed some of the best JEE Main 2023 books that you can consider buying online for your preparation and revision. Check out this list and take your JEE Main exam preparation to the next level with one of these books.


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For students who prefer to solve a large number of mock test papers with sample questions for their revisions, this JEE Main Mock Test Book from Oswal is a good option to consider. As this book covers questions from three subjects, it is a good choice for your healthy revision sessions. The book comes with fully solved last 2 JEE Main papers, previous years (2019-22) questions and 15 sample papers to give you plenty of questions for your practice. The book comes with mind maps, mnemonics, QR codes for access to additional online content, tips to crack JEE, and chapter-wise trend analysis to help you use this book to easily take your exam preparation to the next level.

If your revision pattern includes solving previous years question papers while preparing for JEE or any other entrance exams, then you should buy this combo online. Available with 32 papers from all shifts of last 4 years, these books are great to help you understand the exam pattern of last few years. These books are available with chapter wise trend analysis to help you plan your revision strategies for JEE Main 2023 exam. As these papers are fully solved, you can easily check your knowledge after solving the questions for each topic. Apart from this, these books are available with mind maps, mnemonics, QR codes for digital content and tips to crack JEE Main 2023 exam. So, without thinking too much, you can buy these books online for your exam preparation.

If you are not very confident about physics while preparing for your JEE Main 2023 exam, you need to buy a good book online. This Physics book for JEE Main exam is divided chapter wise and subject wise along with last 4 years solved papers. This will help you understand the types of questions asked in each subject in the JEE Main exam over the past few years. So, you can plan your revisions accordingly. The mind maps in this book come in handy in the few weeks before exams when you have little time and want to brush up on important topics. Make the most of this JEE Main 2023 book with QR codes, trend analysis, tips to crack the exam and more.

Oswal JEE Main Solved Papers Chapter wise and Subject wise (2019 & 2022 All Shifts 32 Papers) Mathematics Book (for 2023 Exam)

This book by Oswal is a good option for students who want to improve in maths for JEE Main. The past few years questions provided in this book are available with solutions to help you understand your mistakes and correct them before you appear for the JEE Main exam. The QR codes available in this book provide additional online content that will help you learn, revise and practice conveniently while on the go. The trend analysis section of this book will help you understand the exam trend over the years and plan your revision strategies accordingly after noting the weightage of each subject.

Oswal Physics Chemistry Maths Toppers Handbook + JEE Main Solved Papers (2019 – 2022 All Shifts 32 Papers) (Set of 6 Books) (For 2023 Exam)

If you want to go for a healthy combo of books that will help you study, revise and practice for the upcoming JEE Main 2023 exam, this is a good option to choose when you shop online. The topper’s manual for all the three subjects will help you understand how to answer the questions better and understand the reasoning behind when you are at the exam venue. Books with solved papers offer ample means to boost your confidence and preparation before appearing for your exam using trend analysis, QR codes, mind maps, mnemonics and more.

Concept of Physics by HC Verma (2022-2023) Session (Set of 2 Volumes)

When it comes to Physics, you cannot miss solving questions from these books by HC Verma to score better in your board exams and JEE Main 2023 exam. These books are updated according to the latest syllabus, ensuring that you focus only on the relevant part of the text. With lots of questions and illustrations, these books are great if you want to go beyond your school textbook for more practice questions.

Physical Chemistry Problems for JEE Main and Advanced (2022-23) by Narendra Awasthi

For students who want to improve in chemistry while preparing for JEE Main exam 2023, this book is a good option to consider. As this book is a good option for mains and advanced levels, it is a good option for healthy revisions. This book is a great choice to prepare for difficult questions even if the JEE paper for Chemistry is not too easy.

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