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TThe topic of climate change has brought attention to America’s winds as the new enemy in the fight against climate change. Opponents argue that wind turbines are harmful to the environment because they use too much energy. As a result, many climate change advocates argue that greedy Americans should leave their homes and suffer in the heatwaves like many Europeans.

“Americans could learn a thing or two from the rest of the world when it comes to culture – because the vicious circle has no place in those countries and most of sectors: China, US and Japan,” wrote Paul Hockenos in an opinion piece. entitled “A very European answer to air conditioning.”

Blaming racist Americans for their jewelry is a frequent attack from environmentalists. My colleague, Esther Wickham, wrote an excellent article on this topic earlier this week. The sanctimonious stance of this is just the latest in a long line of absurd claims by climate change alarmists.

Hockenos added, “He likes struggling with cold temperatures in the middle of summer and T-shirt warmer rooms in winter. It’s a habit that anyone can adapt to.”

Remember the early days of climate change panic, when the goal was simply to pivot away from fossil fuels? We were told that everything would stay the same, and that it was normal to switch to renewable energy. Once fossil fuels are largely eliminated, we will live in climate change utopia and carbon footprint nirvana.

Unfortunately, this bait and switch is a recurring theme in the context of climate change. The agitators promised a truth that could not coexist with their targets. Now, they want the world back under the guise of saving the world. However, these great experts and all their doomsday predictions were always wrong in their predictions. In fact, if this were any other field, at other times, these people would be laughed at for their weaknesses. But, in any case, they get attention and dictate policies that the rest of the world follows, despite their appalling record of assessments.

In less than a decade, the climate change agenda has turned into calls for social distancing to make America uncomfortable. A call for determining the use of electricity, eliminating air conditioning, buying an electric car, and many other things that cannot be seen, all comply with the new demands of the experts of the cycle of the sky is like an iceberg watcher on the Titanic.

Until they start to show that they are real, let them be. Well, as for the new impulse to stop using gas and end the world, I think I can speak for most reasonable Americans when I say: Let’s just leave our gas alone.


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