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‘LG Air Conditioners on the cooler, lower energy bill’ | Rare Techy


LG Electronics has introduced new air conditioning solutions that provide high cooling and low energy bills for consumers.

In a statement, the company said that there are many models with many smart features – GENCOOL and ARTCOOL offer cooling capabilities, excellent performance and performance.

Equipped with many smart features and beautiful, sleek designs, the new ARTCOOL models offer power and functionality while serving as a stylish addition to any modern living space. The wide range in various capacities gives more options to satisfy LG’s customer base in Nigeria,” the statement read.

According to the general manager, Air Solution Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Joonkyu Song, LG’s dual fan technology allows our air conditioners to operate at an optimal noise level, allowing users to relax or rest comfortably without any disturbance. wind of the wind.

He said, “The black Artcool Mirror exudes beauty, strength, and function while serving as the centerpiece of a stylish, modern living room.


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