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Gurugram-based edtech company LawSikho recorded a 70 percent pass percentage in the UGC-NET 2022 results published on November 5. Out of 10 students of Losikho’s UGC NET/JRF (Law) course who appeared for the exam this time, seven passed. One was also awarded a Junior Research Fellowship.

This year’s results improved Losikho’s excellent track record last year, when nine students sat the exam and six passed.

The seven successful candidates this year are: Gargi Shukla (JRF), Priyanka Chaudhary, Aswati Vakkail, Sphurti Krishna, Suhail Khan, Nehru Beniwal and Tarun Nauthiyal.

Shweta Devgan, Director of Test Preparation Courses at Losikho says, “We are part of the student’s preparation journey from day one and what makes Test Prep at Losikho different is that the preparation cycle continues with students who have to retry. .”

Currently, Losikho TestPrep Division offers 11 courses for lawyers focusing on competitive exams. “As we wanted to make our courses unique and comprehensive, we focused more on the individual requirements of students preparing for the exam, which has yielded unprecedented results so far,” says Shweta.

The process of creating a holistic experience for our students includes target setting, mentorship, live classes, notes, quizzes, monthly and revision mock tests, which help learners achieve success.

As Shweta says, “With each passing year, the pattern of the exam evolves and the competition becomes tougher. Continuing with good practices, in the next cycle we will focus on improving the user interface and bringing in artificial intelligence-supported teaching, which will make learning more exciting and retention easier.

About Laws

Losikho is one of India’s largest online edtech brands, creating advanced and practical courses and customized training programs for lawyers, law students, students from non-legal streams, leading businesses and universities. We bridge the gap between theory and practice in legal education, bringing industry and practical insights to legal education. We also offer many courses from international universities at affordable rates for Indian students. With talent arbitrage being one of our focal points, we equip Indian lawyers to build high-end career fields in the international remote job market.

For more information, please visit the website: https://lawsikho.com/


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