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Our children deserve better, and honestly, so do we. The District 18 Board of Education has voted to set aside $57.55 million, more than $52 million of which will be used to fix heating and cooling issues in four schools. The Board of Education ignored the “reports” to mention the price tag a misleading residents into thinking that most of the money is going toward renovation; but less than 10% is dedicated to renewables. Our children are better off living through 3 years of disruption due to Covid-19 and another major disruption caused by construction that is supposed to be completed by December 2025 – especially if it can be use other solutions. Taxpayers deserve better because the proposed solution is the most cost-effective way to meet the needs of our children.

If the $57.55 million request to improve instruction, the most expensive program for these cities, is not effective, unnecessary problems can be avoided throughout the schools if other measures are used that that’s right. In particular, split air units, designed to be installed in buildings without HVAC systems (like our schools), require only 2 holes in the wall per room. Since the condenser is outside, no noise is generated by the internal system. In addition, HEPA filters can be installed, so the air in the classrooms is good.

The Board of Education was never presented with any alternative options. However, the engineering industry, which has an interest in managing the project as a percentage of the total cost, gave different estimates of several million dollars of the same option. When the residents started asking about the price, the administration looked for prices from another agency, but did not ask for any OPTIONS that would be less stressful and cheaper. Interestingly, even the engineer’s reports never considered adding HVAC as a separate project but suggested that the Board of Education should consider upgrading to an HVAC system in major renovations that next.

We’ve been down this road before for high school renovations. The Board of Education argued that demolishing and rebuilding the high school was the best and most expensive option. When fall in the referendum, the Board of Education sought citizen input and ultimately decided not to demolish the high school and save more than $13 million. As taxpayers, we must insist on such a practice so that our tax dollars are not wasted by bureaucratic bureaucracy. I urge you to vote NO on the November 8th Board of Education Election and spare our children the trouble this massive construction project will cause while the Board of Education is in office. Education to pay our taxes.

Steven Cinami
Old Lyme, CT


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