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The Committee of National Chairmen of Education Boards on Thursday decided to conduct the matric and intermediate examinations in April and May this year respectively and introduce a new grading system across the country in the next three years.

Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) Secretary Ghulam Ali Malah told The Express Tribune that the existing grading system in the Inter Board. [grade XII] and matric [grade X] By 2025, the levels were abolished across the country and replaced by a 10-point system.

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IBCC in Lahore The meeting informed that the examinations of various grades in Sindh will start soon after Eid-ul-Fitr. Sindh matric examinations will start on April 27 and inter examinations on May 15, the secretary informed in a meeting chaired by secretary universities and boards Murid Rahimo.

The meeting also approved the implementation of a new “10-point grading system” at matric and inter levels across the country, Malah said. He added that the new system will be implemented from the next exams.

Under the new grading system, the minimum passing mark has been increased from 33 to 40, while the word “F” or “Fail” has been removed from the student’s test references and replaced with “U”. will present unsatisfactory.

The new grades are “A++” or “Exceptional” for students who achieve 95-100% marks; “A+” or “Excellent” for 90-95% marks; “A” or “Distinguished” for 85-90% marks; “B++” or “Excellent” for 80-85% marks; “B+” or “Very Good” for 75-80% marks; “B” or “Good” for 70-75% marks; “C” or “Fair” for 60-70% marks; “D” or “Satisfactory” for 50-60% marks; “E” or “Fair” for 40-50% marks.

The IBCC secretary said that at the university level, the passing mark was 40% or even 50% in some places, while the passing mark in the aptitude test was 50. “Therefore, it has been decided to increase the passing marks to harmonize these exams. Results in universities,” he added.


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