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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Here is a good news for those students who are studying MBA and MCA courses who do not understand English language well.

Devi Ahalya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) is changing the format of examination for professional courses and allowing examination in Hindi as well. Until now, the option to write the exam was only in English.

But now, students not only get to choose the exam medium but the exam papers will have questions in both Hindi and English.

The varsity’s move comes shortly after it started promoting the Hindi language across the country.

Even medical and engineering courses are now taught in Hindi. Hence, the university also thought of joining the bandwagon by introducing Hindi language option at least in the examination of professional courses.

The university has mentioned this in the recently held examinations of BBA and MBA courses.

Some students had written answers in Hindi and were given zero marks. After the news of this came out, the university re-evaluated the answer books with the suggestion that the answers should be evaluated on the basis of merit and not on the basis of language. Interestingly, all the students who failed the exam passed the exam when their answer books were checked on the basis of merit.

The university informed that it will prepare a list of evaluators who can check the answer books of both the languages ​​so that the evaluation of answer books of professional courses can be done without difficulty.

Meanwhile, DAVV Executive Council member Prof Mangal Mishra has demanded that syllabus for all professional courses should be made in Hindi language as well. Mishra also said that the language barrier should end in the academic field. “When medical education in the country is taught in Hindi, why are students of all professional courses, including management, forced to study only in English? He said that a proposal to make text materials of all courses available in Hindi will be brought up in the next executive council meeting.

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