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Drivers can now take full DOT exams at the Mid America Lab.

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November 15, 2022 16:00 EST

Mid America Labs provides DOT physical exams for drivers in the Midwest. As required by the Department of Transportation, the DOT physical ensures that persons driving commercial vehicles are mentally and physically capable of operating a motor vehicle.

All employees at Mid-America Labs Inc. are DATIA-certified (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) for urine, hair and breath alcohol testing. Strictly follows federal drug testing guidelines for specimen collection, receipt, storage, quality control, and reporting.

These tests are for drivers who carry more than 15 people, carry dangerous goods, or drive a vehicle that weighs 10,000 pounds or more. To ensure a driver is fit for the road, DOT physicals include an in-depth examination of the driver’s medical history and physical examination.

Drivers may not qualify for DOT certification if they use conditions or substances that may affect their ability to operate a vehicle. Some of the conditions that disqualify at-risk drivers are epilepsy, uncorrectable vision, hearing loss, illegal substance use, unstable heart conditions, respiratory conditions, vertigo, and other conditions that interfere with safe driving.

DOT inspections are essential to ensure drivers can safely transport passengers and cargo and control their vehicles in any environment. In addition to DOT physicals, Mid America Labs offers non-DOT work and recertification physicals for other occupations. All tests and examinations are conducted in a professional and confidential manner.

For more information about Mid America Labs DOT exams and other services, please visit https://wholehealthjc.com/mid-america-labs or call (573) 893-4118.

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