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HBCU Go The road to home, The new production, sponsored by Ford, follows a group of HBCU students and alumni as they prepare to return for homecoming season. The Road to Homecoming series showcases the authentic spirit and excitement of HBCU homecoming season. Hosted by DJ Envy, the custom series visits two HBCU campuses to highlight how each campus celebrates school pride.

Each episode features stories from students, alumni and administrators as they share what makes HBCU Homecoming such a special event. The Road to Homecoming includes an outdoor festival, a step show, a tailgate and the final Homecoming football game(s). The series takes place at two schools, Saint Augustine College in Raleigh and Florida A&M University. The series highlights four (4) episodes and touches on all aspects of life behind the scenes at each Homecoming, using the official Ford Bronco Sport ® SUV to tour campuses.

DJ Envy, featured DJ on iHeart’s The Breakfast Club, travels to relive campus life. As a proud Ford owner and HBCU graduate of Hampton University (where he regularly gives back), DJ Envy will be stopping by two HBCU campuses for Homecoming 2022 in a brand new Ford Bronco Sport… and not just because spin or step but as the host of this new miniseries. DJ Envy takes us on a tour of each campus and wraps up the school episodes by watching the epic Homecoming Game.

One of the HBCUs we are experiencing is the University of Saint Augustine. It was chartered in 1867 and opened its doors for instruction the following year. Saint Augustine University prides itself on preserving its heritage by ensuring that scholars are academically prepared to be agents of change for the future. The college played an important role in health care, establishing St. Agnes Hospital and Nursing Training School to provide medical care to African Americans. It became the first place in its area that people could access.

Another HBCU we check out is Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), which has been named a top public HBCU for the fourth year in a row by the 2023 US News & World Report. Founded in 1887, FAMU is a public, historically black university located in Tallahassee, Florida. They are distinguished by FAMU’s legacy of providing access to quality, affordable education with programs and services that guide students toward achieving their dreams.

This Ford-sponsored content series showcases stories of strength – produced in partnership with HBCU GO, a BIPOC network owned by Byron Allen that focuses on HBCU sports and lifestyle. Ford has strived to support the incredible journey of HBCUs, their students and alumni, including millions in contributions to families and scholarships through the Tom Joyner Foundation and the United Negro College Fund.

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