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Subjects that overlap with others or are too basic, outdated or narrow will be removed from the tests, the Ministry of Examinations said.

  • By Liu Tzu-hsuan / Staff Writer, CNA

The Examinations Ministry yesterday proposed adjusting the number of subjects required for the junior and senior civil service examinations, and a final plan will be submitted to Yuan Examinations for its revision by the end of next month.

The ministry presented its proposal at the Examination Yuan meeting held yesterday, according to a press release.

Adjusting the required number of subjects has been under discussion for years and “has created high expectations from the outside,” said Examination Yuan President Huang Jong-sun (黃榮村).

Photo: Yang Mian-Chieh, The Taipei Times

He said he hoped the ministry would be able to present clear principles supporting the arrangements and finalize the proposal as soon as possible, adding that the ministry should continue to improve assessment methods to meet the individual needs of the government.

The ministry said the arrangement was proposed to address the real need of the employing agencies and focus on assessing the key skills of the test-takers.

A subject may be removed from the examination if it overlaps with other subjects, is too basic, outdated, narrow in scope or susceptible to major changes.

If a subject can be taught more effectively through on-the-job training, it can be removed from the exams, it added.

Taking into account these principles, the possibilities of adjustment and the opinions sought from experts and concerned agencies, the Ministry has issued a preliminary proposal to reduce the number of subjects required for various examinations.

For Level 3 Senior Civil Services Examinations, two subjects out of 79 sections and one out of 15 sections have been proposed to be dropped and six required subjects have been retained in seven sections.

People with a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the Level 3 exam, which currently includes two compulsory subjects – Chinese, legal knowledge and English – and six special subjects required for a particular category.

For the Junior Civil Services Examinations, it has been proposed to remove one subject in 66 sections and retain four required subjects in five sections.

People with high school education can take the Junior Civil Services Examination, which currently consists of the same two compulsory subjects as the Senior Examination and four special subjects required for a particular category.

The directive puts forward the instructions “in principle”, but the ministry will respect the opinion and needs of each employment agency and maintain flexibility on the number of subjects required, it added.

The Ministry will explore the possibility of adopting multiple examination methods other than written and oral examinations and aims to further reduce the number of examination subjects.

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