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Cold weather regulations apply


(KLZA)– Nov. 1, the start of the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s (PSC) cold weather rule.

The cold weather rule applies from November 1 to March 31 for Nebraska natural gas customers.
equipment those with financial difficulties will be given a limited amount of time to pay their bills, and their service may not be shut down without giving them an additional 30 days to pay their bills in addition to right day.

Customers who are having difficulty paying their natural gas bills should contact the company to arrange a payment. Public assistance agencies can also be contacted for help with natural gas bills including the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Salvation Army.

The cold weather law was implemented in 2003 when the PSC was given control over the state’s regulatory apparatus.

Nebraska communities served by municipal natural gas utilities are not subject to PSC regulations and are not required to comply with cold weather regulations.

Information on assistance can be found by calling your natural gas utility or visiting their website.

Consumers can take steps to reduce costs by making the insulation less expensive. Air conditioning equipment
We recommend keeping it at 68 degrees or less and reducing the thermostat settings when a house or building is unoccupied. Check air conditioning and space heating equipment for proper operation. Get a home energy audit to identify ways to save energy and contribute to the gas company every year
budget plan to spread costs throughout the year.

Other ways to save on energy costs include improving indoor insulation by installing storm windows and doors, attaching clear plastic to the inside or outside of windows and screen doors, wrap around windows and door frames, and cover air conditioners.

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