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MumbaiNationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Dhananjay Panditrao Munde has asked the Maharashtra government to postpone the examination of medical students, which was scheduled to be held in December.

In a formal letter to Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan, the NCP leader said, “Students studying for exams like BAMS, BHMS and Nursing will start from December 14. But clinical posting of students will continue. Until December 1. Also, many students have reported that most universities have canceled student preparation leave.

Many students have testified that with clinical postings and exams taking place within a few days, students do not get enough time to study and students suffer academically and financially if they miss a subject, Munde said.

“However, students should get enough time to prepare for the exam and avoid possible losses. “The request is to postpone the exams starting from December 14 by at least 20 days and maintain a gap of at least three to four days between two papers,” the former cabinet minister added.

Sharing the letter on his Twitter handle, NCP leader Jitendra Awad also called for postponement of the exams.

“The December medical students’ exam should be postponed for at least 20 days,” said the former Maharashtra medical minister, tagging Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s office.

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