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ProMaxx Tool has released a new Intake Manifold Repair (IMR) ProKit to easily remove broken fasteners on Ford 3.5L and 3.7L EcoBoost engines.

The kit includes machine shop tools and precision components for truck repair work.

The company said it could take up to 12 hours to remove and replace the cylinder head. A technician can complete a repair with the kit in about 15 minutes.

Cadmium plating, aluminum and moisture are a recipe for disaster, and intake manifold bolts are not immune to the problem,” said ProMaxx Tool President Jeffrey Del Rossa. “Accumulated moisture accelerates corrosion of the valve cover and intake manifold bolts. When technicians try to remove them, they break, increasing costs and lengthening repair times. The new EcoBoost IMR ProKit reduces repair time, eliminates frustration, lowers costs and increases shop productivity.

The intake manifold bolt issue is not addressed and becomes more systemic. “To make matters worse, the small size of the bolt and the limited space around the fastener make it difficult and risky to freehand weld a nut or drill,” said Del Rossa. “Until now, there hasn’t been anything on the market to solve this problem.”


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