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STATEN ISLAND, NY – New York State test scores for reading and math are now available to students, the city Department of Education (DOE) announced Tuesday.

Results of English language arts (ELA) and math tests for students in grades 3-8 taken this past spring are available for city public school students to access through the NYC School Account (NYCSA) portal.

Sign in to your student’s account to view state test results.

If you need support accessing the portal or would like to create an account, visit the NYC Schools website or contact your parent coordinator.

The portal lets you view your child’s grades, test scores, and more, and provides parents with classes at the parent university. You can report bullying, access forms for your child, reset your child’s DOE account password, and access SupportHub.

Data on test scores are not made publicly available.

In a notice to school districts in June, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) announced that it has streamlined data sharing practices to more quickly provide state assessment data to schools, teachers, parents and the public — which will increase data transparency. Eliminate data confusion.

Historically, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has released preliminary test score data based on sanctions shortly after the start of the school year and released preliminary data publicly on the NYSED website and through a newsletter. It will no longer publicly post preliminary assessment data, it announced.

Moving forward, NYSED will publicly release all final state assessment data — including the Regents exams — as early as this fall.

“Under the new streamlined process, districts will receive their preliminary data in August so it can help inform instructional decisions and develop individualized learning plans for students at the start of the 2022-23 school year,” NYSED said. “This will allow parents to receive student information much earlier than in years past.”

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