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Port-au-Prince – The second part of Haiti’s official exams started on a Friday this year, so the 4-day test could be completed on July 6, ahead of the July 7, 2021 commemoration of assassinated President Jovanel Moise.

“July 7 is the commemoration of the assassination of President Jovanel Moises. As a result, we will not work that day,” said Frantz Etienne Louis, director of education for the West Department. “We changed the date to respect the school calendar.”

These second round exams are often called Baccalaureate For Class 12 students. Passing tests in all subjects determines whether they can obtain a university degree. On the first day, July 1, the country’s 115,337 candidates wrote one of two sets of exams: either philosophy and chemistry or philosophy and biology, depending on which curriculum their school followed. In Port-au-Prince alone, 56,213 candidates have registered to take the exam.

“I really hope that the candidates give their best to win,” said Bourget Autreud, an inspector at the Lycée des Jeunes Fils.

Last month brought the first day of exams for middle schools. The June 20 exams began with gunfire in Tabare, Torcelle and Pernier, causing widespread panic in the Port-au-Prince area and preventing many students from traveling to their exam centers. The education department had to organize a special session next week for those who could not attend.

No such incidents were reported on Friday.

“The test this morning was at my limit, but I was still stressed,” said Givelin Pierre, a high school senior. “I did it because I had the willpower and didn’t want to miss this opportunity.”

The Ministry of Education, or MENFP, on its Facebook page asked officials from all 10 departments to ensure that students can take the exam.


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