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Only one in ten homeowners will opt out of heat pumps because they are too expensive | Rare Techy


Millions of UK homeowners are open to installing heat pumps if the industry can offer them as their old boilers reach the end of their lives.

In a new survey only one in five said they would not switch to a heat pump when their boiler needs replacing.

Only half of these said it was too expensive.

Many experts see pumps, which work in much the same way as air conditioners but in reverse, as the future of home heating.

They only use electricity, and in good conditions they can produce several kilowatt hours of heat for every kilowatt hour of electricity they use.

It’s great to see that most households are open to the idea that their next heating system will be a heat pump rather than just another gas boiler.

In a survey for PA news agency Barclays, only 20% of homeowners say they will not replace their boiler with a heat pump when the time comes.

Cost is the main reason, but almost a quarter of these people said they don’t know how heat pumps work and some even said they don’t know what a heat pump is.

More than a fifth said they didn’t think their house was insulated enough for the appliances to work, and 11% said they didn’t like the way the heat pump looked.

“Heat pumps are a key technology to get rid of fossil fuels. We see the market growing all over the world and it is important that the UK does not fall behind,” Jan Rosenow Europe director of the Legal Aid Program told PA.

“It’s great to see so many homes open to the idea that their next heating system will be a heat pump rather than another polluting gas boiler.

It’s a big investment but it heats your home in a green way and in our case, it reduced our electricity bills.

“To integrate heat pumps in the UK, the Government will need to make changes to energy taxes and fees. Other countries have shown that heat pumps are cheaper to run than oil systems. The customer installs it.

It comes as Barclays said it was drawing up a new scheme that would offer up to £2,000 to mortgage holders to help keep their homes green.

The scheme is open to all Barclays UK mortgage customers and there is no need to remortgage or have any other debt to take part.

Barclays said it could cost up to £2,000 for a new boiler or £1,000 for getting solar panels or upgrading the cooling system.

Homes Under the Hammer host Martel Maxwell said he installed a heat pump while building his own home.

“It’s a big investment but it heats your home in a green way, and in our case, our electricity bills were reduced,” he said.


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