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All banks charge a fee for using their services. ATM withdrawal is one of these cash services, but only when the free limits are reached. Recently, several banks have increased the cost of using ATMs. So customers have to pay more every month for using ATM services after the free transaction capacity. Depending on the type of account, this cap may vary.

Bank ATM withdrawal fees from different banks:

Charges for SBI Bank ATMs

For its ATMs, State Bank of India (SBI) offers five free withdrawals anywhere. For other bank ATMs in major cities, such as those in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, the number drops to just three. SBI will pay Rs. 10 for withdrawal from SBI ATMs and Rs. 20 for withdrawal from non-SBI ATMs after this limit. Thus, SBI ATMs will pay Rs. 5 and other bank ATMs Rs. 8 for non-cash transactions that exceed the predetermined limit.

Charges for HDFC Bank ATMs

Five HDFC Bank ATM withdrawals are free every month. There are three free calls per month in urban areas; in non-metro areas, there are five. After that, cash withdrawals will cost Rs 21 plus any applicable taxes, while non-cash transactions will be charged at Rs 8.50 plus taxes.

Charges for ICICI Bank ATMs

In six metro areas, ICICI Bank also adheres to the 5 and 3 norm, which allows 5 free withdrawals from its own ATMs and 3 free withdrawals from ATMs of other banks. From then on, the bank will pay Rs. 20 for financial transactions and Rs. 8.50 for non-cash. These charges apply to both ICICI Bank ATMs and ATMs of other banks.

Charges for Axis Bank ATMs

Five free transactions are available at its ATMs, while three are available at non-Axis Bank ATMs (in metro locations). After this limit, both Axis and Non-Axis ATMs will charge Rs 21 for cash withdrawals and Rs 10 per transaction for non-cash transactions.

Charges for PNB Bank ATMs

Punjab National Bank provides three free transactions at ATMs of other banks and five free transactions at its own (in metro cities). After that, every transaction at a PNB-owned ATM will cost the bank Rs 10. Similarly, at other bank ATMs, the bank will charge Rs 20 for financial transactions and Rs 9 for non-cash transactions.


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