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Here are the answers to this test!

Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet Allow players to travel to the Paldia region of the Pokemon universe, where they can become a new student at an academy.

As players progress through the games, they will have the opportunity to attend classes at the academy in various courses such as biology and battle studies.

Each course has multiple classes for players to teach them about the games features and Pokemon in general. When players complete the required number of classes in each course, they can take midterm and final exams for that course, which will test how well they remember what they learned.

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Here are the answers for maths final Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet!

Question 1: How many large balls can you buy with $3,000 if they cost $600 each?

Answer: Five

Question 2: If a water-type move with 100 power critical hits a grass-type Pokemon, what is the power of the move?

Answer: 75

Question 3: Under normal conditions, what is the percent chance that Stone Edge will get a critical hit?

Answer: About 12 percent

Question 4: If a Pokemon uses Sword Dance twice to increase its attack by four steps, how much damage will its physical attacks do?

Answer: Triple damage

Question 5: If a Rock-type Pokemon’s Terra type Rock is terrestrialized, what will increase the power of its Rock-type moves?

Answer: 2

Once you pass the math final, you get five exp. Candy M as a reward!

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