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(update) Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said it will be all systems go for the 2022 bar exams.

This year’s bar exams will be held on November 9 (Wednesday), 13 (Sunday), 16 (Wednesday) and 20 (Sunday), 2022, Supreme Court spokesperson Brian Hosaka said.

“Details regarding selection of examination venue will be communicated in a later bulletin,” Hosaka said in a statement.

The Supreme Court had earlier said that there will be 14 Local Testing Centers (LTCs) across the country.

These LTCs include five in the National Capital Region and three each in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

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About 10,000 law graduates are expected to take the bar exam.

“The latest information I received last week is that 9,916 examinees are expected for the 2022 bar exams,” Hosaka said. He added that there were 10,075 approved candidates for the bar exams this year.

The last bar exams were held last February 4 and 6 after the 2020 and 2021 bar exams were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court said the 2022 bar exams will continue to use Examplify, a secure test delivery program that allows examinees to use their own devices in a venue of their choice, monitored by in-person proctors and closed-circuit television cameras.

“Access to computer-based testing software, whether conditional or unconditional, shall be made available to all bar exam candidates admitted to take the 2022 bar exams,” the Supreme Court said. “Approved applicants are advised to periodically monitor their BarPlus-registered emails and BarPlus accounts for the list of conditional or unconditional applicants.”

Instructions on how to use and navigate Examplify will be released in a separate bulletin, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about registration, access, use of the program, and recommended system requirements for examinees’ devices. As a list of permitted accessories and peripherals.


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