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Samsung Electronics records double-digit growth for two consecutive years | Rare Techy


Samsung Electronics has been recognized as one of the five best in the World Awards 2022 by Interbrand, an expert on global brands, registering a double-digit growth in brand value for years two.

According to Interbrand, Samsung’s brand value was evaluated at $87.7 billion – an increase of 17% compared to last year’s growth that stood at $74.6 billion in 2021, the press release announced.

Every year, Interbrand announces the names of the best brands in the world, taking into account many aspects, including the financial performance of the company, the influence of the brand on the sales of the consumer and brand competition.

This year, Interbrand has seen Samsung Electronics continue to work to bring its financial performance back to near pre-pandemic levels and innovate products to enhance the customer experience. .

Other factors cited by Interbrand as contributing to Samsung Electronics’ journey to one of the top five locations include the creation of the eXperience Device Division to increase collaboration and provide a better experience to customers, the launch of the Customer eXperience-Multi Device Experience Center. to strengthen its multi-connected experience, the introduction of SmartThings across its product lines for an integrated ecosystem and multi-device experience, the introduction of Samsung’s Future Generation Lab and the development of advanced technologies such as artificial (AI), 5G, machine. and robotics through equity investment.

“Samsung Electronics was able to record two years of double-digit growth in brand value, all thanks to the global support of our global customers. In return, the entire company will work together as team to provide a better and better customer experience,” said YH Lee, Senior Vice President and CMO of Samsung Electronics.

Following the global trend, Samsung is playing a major role in bringing high value projects to Bangladesh. Samsung is the number one mobile phone brand in Bangladesh, for four years, according to the only Brand Equity survey available in Bangladesh, conducted by Bangladesh Brand Forum.

Samsung is also a major marketer of Consumer Electronics, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and air conditioners.

Samsung as a brand has become “new” in Bangladesh with its broken products.

Samsung Galaxy Fold/Flip series, Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV- to name a few. In an effort to deliver the most innovative technology to the masses, Samsung has introduced a new model called the Samsung Galaxy A04s, which provides excellent performance for a budget. Samsung’s CE products offer a very wide range to choose from, catering to every socio-economic segment.

In addition to this achievement, Samsung Electronics has just been ranked number one by Forbes as the World’s Best Employer 2022.

The brand has been recognized as Best Employer for the third consecutive year. Based on indicators selected in different areas such as image, economic footprint, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility, Forbes names the best employers every year. As a global organization, Samsung Electronics focuses on its employees and is committed to providing good working conditions to its employees.


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