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New Delhi: India’s largest State Bank of India (SBI) has launched new easy-to-remember numbers for customers. These toll free numbers are created in such a way that customers remember them without any problem. The new free numbers are 1800 1234 and 1800 2100.

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What services can you use with SBI Contact Center?

  1. You can check your account balance, 5 transactions and your last statement
  2. The contact service also provides atm card block blocking and card reissuance service
  3. Customers can inquire about checkbook issue and shipping status
  4. You can also get TDS details and deposit interest certificate
  5. If there is a problem with the ATM card submission status and pin generation

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BoB allows to send proof of life via video call

Bank of Baroda has allowed to send the life certificate easily at your home through a video call. The move aims to help consumers avoid visiting a physical brand.

The new service is easy and does not require a visit to the branch. Additionally, customers can choose the location of the video at their convenience.


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