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Guwahati, December 1: The Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) has organized a workshop for the time being on the methodology of setting questions and preparing a question bank to prepare students for competitive examinations.

The workshop was organized in association with Azim Premji University, Hyderabad.

“SEBA has successfully completed its first workshop on methodology for setting questions and preparing question banks,” Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said here on Thursday.

“I interacted with all the participants today and appreciated SEBA’s effort to improve our examination system. This will help students prepare for future competitive exams,” he said.

Pegu told reporters that state educational institutions will have competitive exams or common entrance exams for candidates to get seats in medical and engineering colleges.

“Similarly, standard questions should be prepared at the school level and students should learn the craft of answering them. Therefore, there is a need for guidelines for such a setup and to equip the students for the same, which is why the workshop was organized,” said the Education Minister.

All aspects of question preparation will be investigated in this regard, he said.

“From today, the exams will be conducted through multiple-choice questions, so we will emphasize on setting questions that will enable us to get a proper and clear assessment of the students and their learning outcomes,” Pegu said.


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