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As the next generation pony car nears its release, YouTuber StangMode shows off the new Mustang in the real world.

One of them Ford’s the most important cars are coming 2024 Mustang, a car that is likely one of the last non-electrified muscle cars. It’s supposed to start shipping next summer, but until then, there’s plenty to note when people with cameras shoot cars like this one in a video on StangModes’ YouTube channel.

The main video features a full review and analysis of the video’s content, as the YouTube host breaks down the visible design and compares it to the 2022 Ford Mustang to see how it will fare in its twilight years.

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A 2024 Ford Mustang was spotted in the parking lot

The host of this video admits that he receives a bunch of videos and photos of new Mustang-related content, and that this new video shows the new jumping horse in 360-degree detail.

Ford’s most famous car is Grabber Blue and literally looks electric, despite being the last of its kind to be powered by a clean 5.0-liter V8.

Many previous sources suggested a power figure of 500 hp, but now it looks like it still has an official 450 hp, according to Ford Authority. That’s the same as the outgoing model, while Ford estimates the track-focused version of the Dark Horse will have up to 500 hp.

The new but familiar design looks sharp with the iconic gripper blue paint, black rims and dual exhausts at the rear and a black vent on the hood. The host of the main video has a few words to say about the exterior, and most of it is positive.

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Spotted: 2024 Ford Mustang In The Flesh

2024 Ford Mustang, rear
Via: YouTube via StangMode

Of course, the car looks great even if it hasn’t changed too much from the old one, with the creases and rear design being the highlights. The StangMode host says it has a lot of blue, so a little black contrast, like a black roof, trunk or other accessories, can break up the color a bit. He also mentions that the rear wing would look better with a darker color or a Dark Horse version of the car.

He comments that the exhaust system would look good with a four-exit layout instead of going back to two exits. StangMode also mentions that the interior’s white contrast upholstery is a cool touch, though it may not hold up as well to dirt as a darker color. Overall, he loves the look of the car, even with a few minor criticisms of the interior and exterior details.

Source: StangMode, Ford Authority, Ford


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