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Sonam Wangchuk, the engineer from Ladakh”>Ladakh whose life stories inspired the Bollywood film 3 Idiots, was on Sunday awarded the 7th Dr Paulos Mar Gregorios Award by former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. Sophia Society of the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church. , the award is given every other year in memory of the first Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese and the famous philosopher Dr Paulos Mar Gregorios.

Wangchuk was presented with the award for outstanding contribution to Creative Innovation and Sustainable Development at a ceremony held at St Thomas School in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Addressing the event, Venkaiah Naidu appreciated the role of social and religious organizations in ensuring sustainable development of the world we live in.

In his speech after accepting the award, Wangchuk pointed out that environmental changes, especially air pollution will contribute to many diseases in the future. He emphasized that air pollution alone kills more people than any other effect of climate change. Wangchuk said, “Every time we drive our big cars to make it look so light, we emit a bomb of about 4 kilograms of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Now, this is the violent act to fix it. . the only pollution in the world…”

“…because of our lives we eat a lot, sometimes we don’t eat enough at home but now we have stopped working. Homes and farming means that the second biggest factor in climate change…If we don’t put our air at 18 degrees at 45 degrees, Delhi will create a Ladakh”>Ladakhi will be cold in hot summer in Delhi. We can change things. So I send to all of you today as always in the mountains of Ladakh”>Ladakh, I mean to live, to the big cities so that we can live in the mountains.” Meanwhile, at the award ceremony today, former Union Minister Salman Kurshid delivered the keynote address.

Catholicos Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews III, Supreme Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in India and Dr Youhanon Mar Demetrios, Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese, attended the award ceremony. A book about the life and thoughts of Paulos Mar Gregorios, an ecumenical leader dedicated to interfaith dialogue and spokesman for the Orthodox Christian faith worldwide, who is also the President, i send the World Council of Churches that program.

Born in 1966, Wangchuk, a mechanical engineer and Director of the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh”>Ladakh (HIAL), is a recipient of the Magsaysay Award in 2018. Wangchuk’s character inspired the fictional character of Phunsukh Wangdu played by Aamir Khan in the 2009 film.

The Ladakh”>Ladakh-based engineer is known for setting up his innovative school, the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh”>Ladakh”>Ladakh (SECMOL), his university runs on the electricity of the day, no fossil fuels are used for cooking, lighting, heating. He founded SECMOL in 1988 with the aim of supporting the children and youth of Ladakhi”>Ladakhi and training students the system called it a failure.

He was also instrumental in designing low-cost solar-heated houses, made of mud to retain the intense heat in Ladakh’s winter”>Ladakh. The Ice Stupa was another pioneering idea to solve the water problems affecting the mountainous regions.(ANI)

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