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As you know, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on those fancy concepts that automakers show at auto shows and other events. Some of them end up in museums or private collections, while others are simply destroyed.

Here’s one that somehow found its way onto eBay. It may not be an exotic sports car or a large luxury sedan, but it is priced at an astronomical $500,000 USD, or $683,000 CAD at current exchange rates.

This Ford three-seater microcar called the Trio was introduced at the 1983 Geneva Motor Show. What’s so special about it? For starters, it’s the result of a collaboration with renowned Italian coachbuilder Ghia and is said to be the only replica ever created. The tube-frame chassis is wrapped in an all-aluminum body, the floor is Kevlar-fiberglass honeycomb, and the seat frames are made of aluminum and fiberglass.

Photo: eBay

The ultra-small hatchback – at 2.41 meters long, it’s even shorter than the smart fortwo – weighs just under 750 pounds. It is clear that Ford’s goal was to develop a new highly efficient solution for urban transportation. The Trio is said to reach a top speed of around 80 km/h and burn just 3.3 liters of gas per 100 km.

There’s a catch for potential buyers, though: the 250cc 2-stroke engine in the back was removed from the car at some point and never replaced. According to the seller, it would cost between $4,000 and $6,000 to install a new one, based on multiple quotes from independent specialty shops.

Photo: eBay

How did this strange Ford concept end up on sale? And is the list even authentic? Good questions. The seller claims to have the bill of sale, VIN and registration issued by the state of Connecticut, and various notarized papers with the car.

Offer ends Saturday, November 5th. The only bet we’re willing to make is that no one is crazy enough to spend upwards of half a million USD on a Trio.


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