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DUBLIN, Ohio – For the second year in a row, Sutphen Corporation, the nation’s largest family-owned fire equipment manufacturer, will offer an expanded course load of Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) classes with direct administration of the EVT Certification Commission’s national exams. The following classes.

In 2023, the Sutphen Service and Technical Division, located in Urbana, Ohio, will host EVT courses and exams in its state-of-the-art training and classroom facility. Classes range from beginner EVT F1 courses to more advanced EVT F8 courses.

“We launched the program in 2021 after hearing feedback from customers who wanted to expand their knowledge and further support their technicians,” said Janelle Kiser, Sutphen’s training manager. “There is a unique opportunity to offer courses and conduct national certification exams directly after a class. This is an opportunity for technicians to grow in their craft while learning from master EVTs and board-certified instructors working for one of the nation’s largest first-instrument manufacturers.

Sutphen’s blend of immersive hands-on training and interactive classroom sessions prepares students for national boards and real-world applications.

Since the program began in January 2021, Sutphen-trained students have achieved a 100 percent passing rate on all Sutphen-proctored exams in the EVT Certification Commission’s national exams.

“Sutphen’s training courses prepared me for real-world situations and everyday applications,” said Adam Herold, Master EVT Lead Technician for the Atascocita Fire Department located in Harris County, Texas. “I take what I learned in my courses and apply it to our fleet every day. I recommend Sutphen’s training and maintenance classes to anyone looking to increase their knowledge and make an impact in their fleet maintenance.

Classes are usually taught over a three-day period, with practice exams available on the third day.

The 2023 class schedule is available at Sutphen.com or click here.

Attendees are responsible for registering with the EVT Certification Commission and paying for the exams.

You do not need to be a Sutphen customer to register for an EVT class. Sutphen teaches EVT classes to all emergency vehicle technicians, not just those working on fire apparatus.

For more information, please contact the Sutphen Service and Technical Department at 866-287-5549 or email Training@SutphenCorp.com.


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