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Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell paid tribute to Randy Ford at a recent County Board of Commissioners meeting.

As a reserve officer for the county, where he provided security at the courthouse, Ford held other positions over the years.

“Randy is a world-class leader,” Mikesell said.

As a resident of Teller County, Ford was a member of the sheriff’s volunteer service and emergency response team. “He was teaching CPR classes during COVID,” Mikesell said. “You can’t ask for more than a volunteer.”

In addition to law enforcement, Ford was the commander of VFW Post 11411 in Florissant and Lake George.

Prior to serving Teller County, Ford was a paramedic and chief of the Cascade Fire Protection District from 1984 to 2013. For 13 years, from 2000 to 2013, he was the marshal of Green Mountain Falls. Ford resigned to re-enlist in the US Army to join forces in Afghanistan.

As a resident of eastern New El Paso County, Ford holds a volunteer position as an investigator with the Simla Police Department.

“Thank you,” said Ford. “I’m going to miss Teller County.”

Ford was escorted by his wife, Pam Ford, at the Nov. 10 ceremony.


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