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Black diamonds in the eyes, I'm grinding really, I'm grinding really nice.

Black diamonds in the eyes, I’m grinding really, I’m grinding really nice.
Photo: Ford

If you want a Ford SUV that dares to get out and hit the road, chances are you’re considering full size Bronco. Its smaller Bronco Sport sibling is nice, but doesn’t have the grunt you might be looking for in the back. But Ford hopes to change all that with a new optional off-road package that adds steel and armor to the baby Bronco.

Called Black Diamond Off-Road Packageis a new option available at Big Bend and Foreign banks Bronco Sports series. Unlike the big Bronco, where the Black Diamond model is its own line, here it is an optional extra.

If you choose it for your 2023 Bronco Sportyou get “even more off-road ability” thanks to four steel base plates, including a front metal skid plate, a fuel tank guard, and canister shield.

And we all know that new wheels give your off-road prowess an instant boost, so Ford has given the Black Diamond a set of 17-inch carbon gray aluminum wheels paired with a set of all-terrain tires.

Photo of the Bronco logo on the hood of a Ford SUV.

A black diamond must shine.
Photo: Ford

The new packaging also features styling changes that add a matte black hood graphic with a small Bronco horse logo. Ford has also added graphics to the lower body, including Bronco lettering on the driver and passenger doors.

It does a good job Making the Bronco Sport look a little tougher, but what do you think?

Also for 23, Ford offers access its Off-Roadeo service free to every new Bronco Sport owner. The service offers adventure access and trail guidance to new Bronco owners.

Photo of the rear of a green Ford Bronco Sport.

Driving on the track, I can still make the whole place shine.
Photo: Ford

According to Ford, the goal of this service and the new Bronco Sport accessory package is to get more Ford owners out into the wild.

Ford Enthusiast Vehicle Marketing Manager Mark Grueber said, “For adventurers looking to get more out of their Bronco Sport, we’re enhancing the ownership experience by offering more trail options with the new Black Diamond Off-Road Package and the included opportunity to learn what their SUV can do in Bronco Off-Roadeo.


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