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Property in Turkey

Owning a home considering the real estate prices in Istanbul, Alanya, Antalya or Mersin is a dream come true for foreigners. Property in Turkey guarantees its owners many advantages. Most importantly, ask for the support of a reliable agency and choose the houses without haste and noise to see the good things, but also the bad ones. What time of year is best to buy a home in Turkey? Do prices change over time? This is what we will talk about in our article.

According to statistics, the most popular time for buying property in Turkey is spring and summer. However, experts and experienced buyers know that autumn and winter have their own undeniable advantages for viewing and closing a deal.

When is the best time to buy property in Turkey?

Benefits of buying a home in late fall and winter:

  • The climate of the Turkish coast during the winter months is characterized by high humidity. Therefore, if the waterproofing is not done properly in the house, the walls of the houses on the ground floors will be covered with mold and the floor will get hot during the long rains. It’s the winter season when you can make the right choice.
  • As you know, there is no central heating in Turkish homes in most houses. The cold season is short, so the house needs a lot of heating. It is easy to assess the performance of the ventilation system, the comfort of living in such conditions, and the financial expenses during the period of intensive use.
  • The selection of houses in Turkey in winter allows you to review the floors. When looking at houses in the summer, we don’t care about the floor, whether it’s cold or warm. In winter, the presence of a warm floor, the type and quality of the coating is very important.
  • In all the houses by the sea in Turkey, the layout provides for large balconies and terraces. And if in the summer the balcony we find a good place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views, then in the winter it is a good help for the heated rooms. The fact that at night the house gets cold. If the floor is facing the sun, it will heat up faster and open the windows you can not only ventilate, but also warm the rooms, creating a good microclimate.
  • All new buildings are built in residential buildings with their own boundaries and internal structures. Construction facilities are managed by a private company. During the beach season, of course, it is always very busy, but during the winter season you can assess the real situation of the activities and the quality of the service.

How does time affect property values ​​in Turkey?

“When are homes cheaper in winter or summer?” – an important question from potential buyers of Turkish property. The price per square meter does not really depend on the season, because there is still demand from foreign investors for houses in Turkey.

Prices are influenced by other, larger factors of the economic climate, such as exchange rates, inflation, mortgage interest rates, and the political climate.

In general, many factors when buying a home in the winter can affect the price of the home including:

  1. There is more demand from buyers who want to buy residential properties. In the winter, there are fewer customers, so some customers agree to make it work.
  2. Competition and demand are decreasing, so the investor has the opportunity to negotiate with the buyer on better terms. Typically, this applies to impulse purchases.
  3. Developers and buyers are more likely to organize promotions and annual discounts for their properties to stimulate interest and demand from investors.

Property in Turkey

As you can see, it is good to buy a house in Turkey at any time of the year. Winter is a great time to save your time and money, and you can get the perfect picture of the house you love. The professional assistance of experts from the Turk.Estate website is a guarantee of your successful sale and comprehensive support at every stage of the purchase and sale.


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