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Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders remains more popular with fans than critics (per Rotten Tomatoes), but even with all the talent in the film, problems inevitably weigh down any production. “All films come with their anxiety because, you know, you’re working against a schedule,” Coppola said in an interview (via StudioCanal UK). “And it’s a bit like running in front of a locomotive on a railroad track. If you stumble, if you’re wrong, if you’re a little too slow, the locomotive runs over you.” And while Coppola couldn’t give a specific reason other than time constraints, the director admitted that the church was a nightmare to capture on film.

“The church scene, the burning church, with the little kids running away from the church, was very difficult to access for some reason,” Coppola continued. The director told StudioCanal that he was “very worried” and had no idea if he shot the film correctly or not.

Coppola also explained in the same interview what a joy it was to work with Diane Lane, who plays Cherry. She remembered the actor as “sweet, talented and kind” even as a teenager. But Coppola seemed most content when he recalled his daughter Sofia Coppola (“Lost in Translation,” “The Godfather Part III”), who made a cameo as a girl with a puppy-dog-eared hairdo. Sofia’s character was trying to collect money for ice cream for Dallas (Matt Dillon), Johnny (Ralph Macchio) and Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) at the local Dairy Queen.


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