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The following application was discussed and unanimously accepted by Ford Chicago’s rank selection committee over the weekend. The committee was recently formed by workers at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant and Chicago Stamping Plant to promote Will Lehman’s campaign for UAW President.

Lehman, a second-line worker at Mack Trucks in Pennsylvania, has called on workers to form a network of rank-and-file committees to transfer power to the shop floor.

To participate in the work of the Ford Chicago Rank Committee, send an email to or call (773) 234-7135 for more information. To learn more about Lehman’s campaign, visit

Brothers and sisters,

We have come together to form a Ford Chicago Nominating Committee to elect Will Lehman as President of the UAW. As a second-line autoworker at Mack Truck in Pennsylvania, Will knows what we go through every day. More importantly, he is fighting with us to build a massive rank-and-file movement to bring power back to the shop floor.

We invite all our brothers and sisters at CAP, Chicago Stamping and other UAW plants to mail back their ballots with a vote for Will, which means putting the power directly in the hands of the workers.

Our committee is not only campaigning to elect Will, but through this campaign we are also fighting for our critical needs and demands. We have seen the UAW bureaucracy ignore our daily struggles as they collude with Ford management at both the national and local levels. As workers on the floor, we face life and death safety issues that are ignored and glossed over by company and union officials.

In the past two years of the pandemic alone, we’ve seen workers like 32-year-old Caleb Dye die from COVID and many others who have been infected and become seriously ill. Most recently, we saw the death of 25-year-old Sam Hager, who died in the C-team lineup after suffering an injury and not receiving timely medical attention. Everyone on the line was traumatized as we watched him suffer a seizure and die before our eyes. Safety is not a priority at all for the company or the union apparatus. We don’t even have a proper medical team on the floor.


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