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NETHERLANDS: Dutch authorities have continued to crack down on companies and individuals who install and maintain equipment without the required F-gas certification.

According to the Environment Inspectorate for People and Transport (ILT), the Dutch body responsible for implementing the F-gas rules, it says that the rules will be tougher and fines of up to 3,000 euros will be imposed on companies. and £1,500 for people installing or maintaining equipment full of refrigerants. no valid certificate.

In what appears to be an annual exercise, the ILT is said to reach out to installation and maintenance companies based on reports received, articles posted online and other sources.

In May of last year, the ILT checked whether the suppliers of separated gases hold the necessary company certificate and keep the necessary documents to ensure that the units are installed by a company valid.

As a result of the investigations, many retail outlets are said to have stopped selling the air conditioners and are now only offering them with installation.

Inspections carried out from July to September 2020 showed that 91% of the 45 sales sites surveyed had not previously inspected whether the air conditioner had been installed by a qualified installer. Violators this time received a warning letter from the ILT.

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