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All external exams will end on December 13, a day before the 2022 general elections.

Education Minister Pramila Kumar announced the change yesterday, with the academic year 2022 also ending on December 13.

They said the Year 8 exams, which were originally scheduled to start on December 13 and end on December 15, will now start on Friday, December 9 and end on Tuesday, December 13.

“It will definitely give Year 8 students an extra weekend between papers to do some revision,” she said.

Mrs. Kumar said that the year 12 exams will now start on December 1 and end on December 13, and the year 13 exams that started on November 29 and will end on December 9 will now start on November 28 and end on December 8.

Ms. Kumar said the changes are important for students to ensure a smooth and hassle-free exam period and adequate time to prepare and revise well before the exam.

“They are important for voters because many schools will be used as polling stations during the election period.

“We understand that if we conduct the examinations after election day, there will be many disruptions affecting students, teachers, supervisors and parents due to the logistical acrobatics required to move schools across Fiji to and from polling stations. Schools normally function after the selection process.

“We want to maintain a smooth journey through the exam process for the thousands of Fijian students taking our exams and ensure they face minimal disruption.”

She said the permanent secretary would send the revised exam dates to all school heads to ensure smooth implementation through a circular.


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