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Let your car run! My reader may be surprised, but I like sports car. Saving my pennies to buy a black sports car was a turning point in my life. But I’m not a Top Gear-watching petrol head, and know little of what’s going on under the hood; The only thing I can say is that when you are driving around in the FO car, everyone seems to laugh at you as you go.

So, I’m addicted to movies about car design and construction, from Tucker: The Man and his Dream to Driven to The Betsy to Le Mans 66; writer/director Bobby Moresco’s Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend is a straight-as–a camshaft biopic based on Tonino Lamborghini’s biography about his father entitled Ferruccio Lamborghini. La storia ufficiale. In 97 minutes, it delivers less than the kind of great epic promised by Michael Mann on the subject of Enzo Ferrari, although Ferrari seems to be the protagonist here, played by the most elegant and Gabriel Byrne. In addition to some cakes and various foods, the great Mira Sorvino has come to prepare not just a sausage festival as the boys and their beautiful toys are on stage.

‘If you like tractors as much as you do with women, we’ll be very rich…’ Ferruccio Lamborghini said after the Second World War in Italy; Played first by Romano Reggiani and then by Frank Grillo, the hard-working man in the show, Lamborghini takes over a family business making agricultural vehicles and air conditioners, setting the new target; building a sports car empire to rivals Ferrari. After taking the company’s origins, we jump forward to 1963 and the various innovative technical decisions that went into creating the first Lambo, the 350 GT and the Miura. Materials must be strong enough to make the car work and safe, but light enough to make it go fast; the sensational result prompted Frank Sinatra to speak; ‘You buy a Ferrari when you want to be a man, you buy a Lamborghini when you are a man.’

Moresco worked with Paul Haggis on Oscar-winner Crash, and seems to have managed to navigate some hair-raising changes in personnel for this one; Antonio Banderas and Alex Baldwin were previously set for competitive roles filled by Grillo’s and Byrne’s trusty parts, and there was a mockumentary showing the two men competing against each other on the streets of the city. Those who don’t care about the aesthetic beauty of the objects will not find anything to watch here, because there is little melodrama and a faithful adherence to the known story, but that is what should be appreciated Moresco’s film to the automotive connoisseur. It’s stripped down but stylish enough and thanks to a man whose passion for cars changed the way we drive, it’s more than worth renting. Mann’s long-awaited film is still stirring up speedway traffic, but in the race to take the pole position, first blood will flow to this Lambo.

Sign Festival Entertainment Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend on Digital Standards November 21. Thanks to Signature for entering.


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