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Many houses and buildings including schools were destroyed in the flood-prone area. According to reports by the SABC, community members in the area were cut off from major routes after two bridges were washed away. While monitoring the progress of matric exams at JM Lekgetha Commercial High School in Lichtenberg, one of the schools hit by hail at the weekend, Education MEC Mmafepho Matsemala said he was glad the storm had not affected him. Center where students take exams despite damage to school

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“The storm has caused great damage to this school and I believe all the necessary people are with me today. Yesterday we held a meeting as the education department and there is a plan starting today on what to do in all the affected schools,” Matsamela said.

Mat Mela said that matriculation examinations have progressed well since the beginning of the examination and all writing centers are ready in all schools.

“We have 48,000 learners taking this exam – part-time and full-time learners. Above all, in the North West province, the papers are kept in a safe place and we have SAPS to assist our entire team to ensure that the papers are safe whenever they are collected,” she adds.

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Matmela adds that they encourage matric learners to work hard and have come up with the slogan “No Child Left Behind”.

She reiterated that all arrangements are in place for the matric exams. Matmela said he hoped that the education system in the province would not be affected by loadshedding especially during examination time.

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