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All 11 state secondary schools in Richmond Borough achieved above average results in their GCSE exams this year, according to official figures.

Meanwhile, six of the eight institutions offering A-levels achieved grades ahead of the national average.

Government figures have been published online, warning against using the data to compare schools because of the effects of the pandemic and the different make-up of pupils.

However, the information provides a useful starting point for parents and students looking for a secondary school.

The data covers several key indicators, including the proportion of students achieving a grade 5 or better in English and maths.

It also includes the proportion of students who entered GCSEs in the five main pillars: English, maths, science, a language, history or maths. The average Ebacc point score for these students.

Notably, GCSE tables also provide information on the progress pupils have made in 8 key areas since leaving primary school.

Turing House recorded the highest proportion of pupils achieving top results in English and maths, with 82% ahead of Orleans Park, 79% and Gray Court, 76%.

Looking at the proportion of students entered for core EBacc subjects, Orleans Park rose to 80%, ahead of Richmond Open Thames School at 78% and Gray Court at 73%.

Figures for student grades in EBacc subjects put Orleans Park ahead with an average of 6.08, followed by Turing House at 5.99 and Waldegrave at 5.89.

Looking at student progress, Turing House led at +0.86, followed by St. Richard Reynolds Catholic High School at +0.77 and Orleans at +0.64.

Twickenham School, which was upgraded to Good by Ofsted following an inspection last year, scored below other schools in terms of results. However in terms of student progress the top performers were +0.42, representing a significant gain.

The A level tables provide details of the average grade achieved and progress made by students during their sixth form education.

Looking at the borough’s state schools, Gray Court narrowed the rest down to an average B grade. Just below with B averages are Teddington School, Christ’s, Orleans Park, Hampton High and Waldegrave.

In terms of Sixth Form progress, Teddington School came top with an ‘Above Average’ score of +0.4, Christ’s ‘Above Average’ was +0.21 and Orleans achieved an ‘Above Average’ score of +019.

A level results for the borough’s private independent schools put St Paul’s first with an average grade of A+, alongside Lady Eleanor Holles at A and Hampton School at A. In terms of student progress, Hampton House School performed well with an ‘Above Average’ score of +0.75.

More details https://www.find-school-performance-data.service.gov.uk/?searchtype=search-by-la&la=318&keywords=Richmond+upon+Thames


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