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Stephen Freeman (Macomb County Jail)

A man accused of killing a Roseville woman and dumping her body in the back of a pickup truck will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Stephen Freeman, 19, ran away after a minor accident on Oct. 27 at Common and Hayes near the Warren border, police said. While searching the pickup truck, they found the body of 62-year-old Gabriel Seitz in the bed. Freeman was later captured.

More: The victim, who was found dead in the truck bed, had a shoelace around his neck, prosecutors said

Freeman was originally charged with concealing the death of a person and receiving and concealing stolen property. After receiving more information during the investigation, a murder charge was filed.

According to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, Freeman allegedly entered Seitz’s home through a window while she was not home. When she got home, a fight broke out and Seitz was killed.

The defense has also filed an order for the judge to decide, which would limit the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office from issuing press releases about the case.

Freeman’s next court date has not been scheduled until a mental exam is completed.


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