The Tom Ford Eyewear campaign is a beautifully eye-opening OOH campaign that spreads across two emirates | INSITE OOH media platform | Rare Techy


Tom Ford is back again with another OOH campaign highlighting his latest eyewear collection. This the previous one Tom Ford also presented a charming and distinctive eyewear collection, leaving people intrigued and waiting for more.

Tom Ford is known for his elegant and confident designs fashion industry while maintaining the individuality of each wearer. In this OOH campaign, Tom Ford presents the latest eyewear collection in Dubai digital and unipol billboards. Both feature a model wearing a collection of glasses and looking directly into the camera, reflecting assertiveness and attention-seeking. The background of the billboards is white with the simple text “Tom Ford Eyewear”.

The minimalistic design and color of the background and text show the brand’s confidence. They send the message that “less” is much more. The OOH campaign will also be distributed in both Arabic and English to reach as many people as possible.

Tom Ford is no stranger to calculated bold moves, having recently sold his fashion brand to Estée Lauder. This boldness is reflected in his designs and it was no surprise to see it in this OOH Campaign eyewear collection.


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